Account Executive

Business Manager

Antonio G.N.

Business Manager

"I enjoyed the way the 7 steps are organized to help discover ourselves personally, professionally and how we merge life and career.
Rodrigo´s way of guiding you fast but smoothly thru the process is another key differentiator.

Everybody who participates in this program certainly better understand their competencies and how to introduce themselves in an easy, clear and interesting solid brand."


Account Executive

"I've learned that I can achieve things beyond my current situation if I believe on it and work intentionally to move things forward.

Definitively this is something everybody will find valuable, it doesn't matter where you are in your career (i.e. beginning or executive level), there is always something we need to learn and having someone with a proven success career, definitively helps you to achieve things beyond your expectation."


Megan P.

Account Executive

"The 7 steps program taught me some things about myself that are important to growing my career and to just making the most of life! I have a better understanding now of my strengths, of what matters most to me, and of where I need to improve. But the program does more than just provide insight into those things right now. It teaches you valuable exercises that can be used again and again throughout your life as new things unfold."


Marcelo H.

Financial Manager

My break even was when, even with all my background and experience, I found out I was managing my career in a completely wrong way.​ I had not a goal to achieve, I was feeling lost, with no focus and spending my energy in my deficiencies more than in my strengths.​​

I do recommend the program "7 Steps of your Career Ladder" for everybody, professionals, athletes, leaders and so on. Especially for whom is starting your career and are willing to have a good career plan.


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