Are you part of the next generation workforce?  Do you want to build the key skills to have an impactful and meaningful career? 

We have a fast-paced course that is delivered in five-minute focused videos that will help you to quickly Level Up in your career. 

  • Get key insights that help you to lead yourself and take advantage of learning from others. 

  • Take away practical tips on how to ask for and receive feedback and give effective feedback to others. 

  • Understand ways to improve your work engagement.

  • Learn to grow your strengths and manage your weakness.

  • Develop your career for more impact



Millenials – a force to be reckoned with!

  • The Millenials will make up half of the global workforce by 2050. Broadly speaking members of this generation, born between 1980 and 1994 and also known as Generation Y, are bound together by the fact they have come of age during a severe financial crisis, have been both the pioneers and guinea pigs of technological change, and are more plugged into a global network than their predecessors.

  • Now they’re in the workforce, it should be no surprise that they are working differently too. Are you getting the best from that team?

  • This program help your organization invest on both side of the opportunity:

For Managers

  • Guidance to become mentors and engage with this team effectively.​

  • Essentials of feedback to turn frustrating or low-value conversations into productive sessions to increase their team involvement and own next steps. ​​​

For Teams and Individuals


  • Fast paced video learning modules with the essential skills to lead themselves and more deeply engage with their managers and others.

  • Targeted actions for strengths development and weaknesses management as a lifelong career value.



= Improvement of every employee's career!


= High motivation levels


= Stronger teams deliver bigger and more effective results  


= Lower turnover


= Add value to your business

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