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September 19, 2017

How often do you read? Or how many books have you read last year?

Not many. You were busy, right?

Well, a top CEO reads on average 60 books per year. Tell me that they are not busy. Well, they are. Really busy. 

Have I mentioned about my concept of busy-ache?

“Busy-ache” i...

September 12, 2017

Successful people initiate.

But more than initiate, you need to execute.

More than execute, you must have a goal.

What if you boarded a plane without a destination?

Is the fuel enough? What is the route? What time departs and lands?

That's why we have a destination.

You need...

August 29, 2017

Frequently I mention to the participants of our flagship program, “7 Steps of Your Career Ladder” that doesn’t matter their religion, nationality or language, the results will be fantastic because we are not touching personal values at all. We are using neuroscience to...

You've just seen that famous company CEO at the newsflash announcing that now he is the richest man of the world. Earlier you saw another top executive total compensation being publicly released.

And you start to think what these successful people have really done to be...

For the last few weeks we've been talking about why you should take control of your career and how to make it happen.

Going to the same direction I would like to discuss how a solid and useful career plan can help you overcome challenges that might prevent you to g...

You lost your job, what's next?

We don't want to lose our job. Having a job and work for your money is a privilege, right?

However, sometimes we have to face this difficult situation. 

Either a work force reduction or a termination may occur and then this situation could...

Last week we talked about the importance of taking control of your career. 

That’s very important. But, more important than that, is to know how to make it happen.

And perhaps you imagine it would be very hard.

Well, indeed it’s not easy. It demands focus and th...

Watch our Happy Monday video for today! Last week we talked about how important it is to take control of your career. This week we´ll talk about HOW.

Starting your week with focus and joy its a key point to success. Do you have a goal? Go for it! Pursue your succes...

Have you ever realized most of the professionals don’t have a solid career plan and, instead of that, just keep things moving? (do a mini-survey and ask people around you!)

However, the opposite is true as well. The most successful people knew what they were pursuing qu...

Do you ever think about managing your energy instead of your time?

If you answered "NO" or "MAYBE", you should join us for the "4 Secrets to Peak Productivity Performance" to understand in detail why it is more important to manage your energy levels than your time.


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September 19, 2017

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